29 June 2008

Filtering accident

Over on GBBikers "Bossdog" has posted up a letter that was used by another person when they were knocked off of their bike while filtering. The title link of this post will take you to it if you have the need for such a letter. It goes to great detail about how "Lynw" was in the right, the insurance was going for a 50/50 but ended up 100% in her favour. It is also a good read to refresh on our highway code relating to filtering and what our responsibilities are.

25 June 2008

Motorist attacks camera van

Found a great little story on the MCN website:

"A crazed motorist is being hunted by Australian police after he attacked a speed camera van with an axe.

The unknown motorist smashed the window of the camera vehicle before fleeing the scene when the camera operator triggered an alarm.

Police in Melbourne hope to use the speed camera footage to trace the motorist, who they believe was upset at being photographed."
Original post

As much as I find camera vans annoying, maybe a little extreme?!

24 June 2008

Helmet strap

I discovered today why it is important to keep your helmets chin strap done up tightly. But before I say why, let me go back a few months to when I was helping a mate look for a new helmet. (Skip to the 3rd paragraph to go straight to it!)

There we were shopping around sampling helmets when we found a few that fitted nice and snugly. The interesting thing was that it didn't have the "sealt belt" buckle similar to my helmet, it had the "Double-D" type. We're told that the double-d is actually safer then the newer buckle type. Asking why, it seems that many people don't check the tightness of the strap often and can be riding with a helmet that may not stay on in the event of a crash. The x2D strap means you have it tighten every time you use it, so you get maximum safety.

So anyway, I was riding to work when I was caught by a gust of wind that lifted my helmet enough that the chin bar obscured much of my lower vision! The moral of the story, ensure you check the tightness of the strap regularly.

18 June 2008

SHARP - The Helmet Safety Scheme

The title link will take you to the new Government website called "SHARP" Safety Helmet Assessment Rating Program. They aim to test all the helmets on sale in the UK. An interesting thing to read is the motorcycle press saying that an expensive Arai scores less then a £50 Laser. However if you watch the video that is on the site, it explains that they measure the amount of energy that is absorbed by the lid and how much is then transferred to the brain.

I am not a specialist in impact testing so cannot comment on how accurate the simulations are compared to real life events, however it must be good that there is a standard test that shows how good or bad a lid is at absorbing impact energy, regardless of label or price band.

Why not had a look and see if your helmet is on yet, if it isn't it should be soon once they (SHARP) have got round to it. Interestingly my helmet manufacturer isn't even listed!

17 June 2008

Worrying - Car driver observation

Just a quick one today! I was on my way to work today when I passed one of my colleagues (who was in a car), admittedly I didn't wave, flash or anything. Upon getting to work, he not only didn't see me but doesn't even remember a bike going past him!

Worrying as it could explain why so many car drivers pull out into other road users, they just don't see anything else on the road, if it isn't directly in front of them, it isn't there...

15 June 2008

OK I am an idiot!

I have a little story to tell. I was going home from work, I had put on all my gear as I always do, swung my leg over the bike and then rode off into the sunset. Except I got a whole two feet before coming to a grinding halt then falling off of my bike.

What happened? The dozy idiot that I am, forgot to remove the disc lock off of the wheel before I rode off. I had put it at the top of the calliper which meant it had to go round over 3/4s of the revolution before hitting the other side of the calliper! Given the size of the wheel and tyre about 2 feet of travel. Luckily there was only two people around who saw it (didn't stop it spreading like wildfire the next day!) and one of them graciously helped me pick up the bike again.

Had a good laugh at myself, decided to now put the lock just under the calliper so I can only move less then an inch before stopping.

Lesson learned and a very nice member of GB Bikers has offered to send me one of those reminder cables (big thanks to Mr Mandy!).

04 June 2008

Adjusted idle speed

Got home from work on Monday and the engine was idling at almost 1.8k, although not the same problem as the 3k+ idle issue I still have. This was just the bike being warm and running too fast. So tweaked the idle speed adjuster down to the more appropriate speed of 1.2k rpm. Only problem was that I forgot and as it now idles slower the bike stalled because it wasn't up to running temperature. Oops!