09 November 2007

Fuel problems

Still not on me bike :(

Having spoken to a number of people the list of problems has been narrowed down to: spark plugs; jets; fuel filter or air filter. Trouble is I haven't had the time recently to really deal with it. Will have to soon as the cost of fuel keeps going up I can't afford to keep running the car with £1.06/ltr fuel!

Still me and a biker mate who has loads of experience with bike mechanics will be looking at the bike either this weekend or the following, so fingers crossed! I will be on it soon!

30 October 2007

New biker

Having now passed my motorbike test (more on that on a latter blog!), I brought myself a Suzuki GS500. Now this isn't a racing bike nor is it a very quick bike, but unfortunately I have a restricted license and I wanted a cheap bike to run and insure.

Overall the bike has been a great one despite its lack of power, slight problem at the moment as it seems the jets need cleaning.

Here is a picture of the bike, more once I am able to ride her again!