28 November 2010

Kawasaki Riders Club

So it seems that Kawasaki have launched a new club for Kwaker riders and fans. The cost is £20 a year and with that you get a number of offers for going to BSB and WSB. Also you can undisclosed discounts on official Kawasaki merchandise. Oh, and if you join before the end of the Motorcycle Live! you will be entered to win a track day in Spain. Lastly you get a magazine (called GO) twice a year.

Is it worth the £20 a year. Given the list of benefits maybe, especially if you like to go to the BSB rounds and want to go to the WSB at Silverstone. Still undecided if I want to join up though, have to ask some questions when I go to Motorcycle Live later this week.

13 November 2010

Autocom Power

Not much happening on the bike front for me at the moment (other then riding it!). Today, however, I have been able to install the battery lead for my Autocom unit. This means I don't have to worry about recharging the batteries within the unit as the bike now powers it.

However this does lead to a few issues. Firstly to get any music out of the unit I have to lift up my seat and turn on the player. Not a problem, that is if Kawasaki had actually designed a latching system for the seat that just slips on and off. No, they have gone for one that you have to wiggle and push the seat around to get it to locate and secure. The same is true of the radios. I have the Midland G7 and the cable from Autocom is a mere 6 inches long (150mm for the metricated), which means there may not be enough room under the seat for both (haven't tried yet it was getting quite dark by the time I finished). I can make some small extension leads for it and that is the route I will take if I have too.

As someone who is interested in electronics I am hoping to find/create a MP3 system that will operate something like a car stereo and have a continue feature as power is applied. This would be great as it would mean, at least for music, I wouldn't have to pull up the seat to start it.

Well, thats it for the moment. Next major thing for me will be the NEC motorbike show later in the month. Looking forward to it and getting to see the new GSXR600, CBR600 and ZX10R. Till then!