28 January 2009

Don't get me started and woohoo!

So had a call from NR again today. Thanks to their dedicated work the problem with my bike is now known; a sticky valve due to its shim(?) being too tight. I'll admit my knowledge on the components of engines is limited! Anyhow, the bike has been a pain in the proverbial as to gain access to the valve the engine needed to come out. The exhaust bolts are fused to the engine and would need to be drilled out, so to save money they have removed the engine with exhaust attached. Next while gaining access to the innards of the engine one of the engine bolts was badly corroded and snapped, again this will need to be drilled out by the looks of it.

Aside from that problems with corroded and snapping bolts at least the problem is now known and should be fixable. Although not given a time, I am hopeful I will be able to pick the bike up this Friday.

27 January 2009

Engine update

Had a call from NR yesterday and it seems there is no compression in cylinder two when cold. The current thought is that it is the exhaust valve so hopefully it is a "simple" as a valve replacment and I am back on the road again.

Fingers crossed and touching wood!!

24 January 2009

Broken again

It seems I have nothing but bad luck with this bike. It has gone back in to have its engine checked out as it is only starting on one cylinder, yet when warm runs on both. So far the guys at Nick Robinsons haven't found the cause of it. Here is hoping that when they do find out what it is, it is a cheap fix, though I have a funny feeling it won't be. Just my luck really. If anyone who may read this has any ideas let me know.