25 February 2009

Mirror mirror on my bike...

Last September I installed some new mirrors as my old ones weren't staying in the correct positions. Well now the new ones, while operating fine, have started to rust and pit on the stalks! I have now ordered some new, and more expensive, ones from 'intobikes.co.uk' and hope that they will not go the same way. More when I have them!

11 February 2009

Bike is back

At last I have my GS500 back in my grubby mitts. Finally it is running nicely, hats off to the guys at Nick Robinson. Although I have to go to work tomorrow I am hoping to go for a little ride out at lunch time.

09 February 2009

Almost ready

Well I hope anyway! Parts turned up on Saturday and it is going to be installed tomorrow so fingers crossed I should be able to pick the bike up by the end of day.