11 October 2010

New Kawasaki Bikes for 2011

 Okay, I am a bit of a Kawasaki fan boy at the moment. They have presented their 2011 bike offerings and there are a couple that I am interested in.
The main one has to be the new ZX10R. From the initial artist concept drawings to the race version to the road, I have loved the look of it. Now to be fair, I doubt I will every ride one, let alone own one (however I wouldn't mind a test ride Kawasaki!). It gets close to 200bhp with a weight of around 200kg (depending on ABS). The most powerful bike I have ridden is my ER-6F, a mere tiddler compared to this behemoth. I now wait to see it in the metal at the NEC show later this year, assuming I will be able to get to it through the crowds it is sure to draw in. I also hope that the race version will help Kawasaki on the track.

The other new bike that I am more interested in is the Z1000SX, which is a Sports Tourer. Unlike the ZX10R it has a much more upright riding position which, in turn, provides a better long distance riding ability. With an adjustable windscreen and larger fuel tank there has obviously been thought into its touring capability (listening Honda?). Not too sure on the exhausts though, or some of the styling. Maybe it'll look better with my own eyes and not through a camera.

Either way I like both bikes. If I were in the position I would look at getting one of them to go alongside my ER-6F. The ER for my commute and the other for my weekend/summer blats. Following are a couple of videos I found for both.