12 March 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

I remember as a child singing "Rain rain go away, come again another day". The trouble is that it has decided that now is a great time to come again and again and again.....

This has basically made it really difficult to be able to get out and sort the bike alarm out, simply put, I can only get the bike out when it is dry. So far the weather forecast isn't good for the weekend. Here is hoping that the weather blows over before then, I'm not holding my breath!

05 March 2008

ARGHHHH!! Bloody malfunctions!

The carbs got fitted and after getting the bike back together and whole again I went to start her up. Reconnected the battery and the alarm goes off. 'Not a problem.' I think as I hit the disarm button on my remote, but nothing happens. Long story short, the alarm seems to be nackard so I need to pull it out to be able to start the bike. I am hoping to have a evening or two to work on the bike but it doesn't look like I will be able to look at it for another two weekends.

I am working on the theory that the alarm has died as the carbs now work and it is the only way to stop me getting on the bike!!

01 March 2008

Time to refit carbs!

After one hell of a job getting the screws off of the float chamber bowls on my carbs (thanks Dad!) it seems like someone had actually Loctited the screws in place! Anyhow an inspection showed nothing too wrong with them and a check of the diaphragms shows no problems, so the refit will happen today!

Fingers crossed that the bike will fire up into life again!