10 February 2011

Motorcycle Live 2011 Dates Confirmed

The dates for this years Motorcycle Live event at the NEC in Birmingham have been confirmed. It will be from the 19th to 27th November. So slightly earlier this year, lets hope the weather is more forgiving!

Source: Motorcycle Live

25 January 2011

Motorbikes to get "Riding Aids"

According to the BBC, Mira have developed a riding aid designed to help out bikers in certain situations. The situations it seems to be looking out for you are in your blind spots (plus directly behind you) with radar. It also monitors where you are and, with the help of GPS and a map, will advise on the safest speed by which to take a corner.

I have to admit that I am not too sure about these, considering all the problems I have had on the road are from people not seeing me, not from me missing them.

Full report here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-12266406

04 January 2011

"Free" MotorcycleLive tickets

A few weeks ago MCN reported that the organisers of the Carole Nash MotorcycleLive event were going to accept 2010's tickets for the 2011 show; for those who couldn't attend due tot he weather. Well I was a little skeptical seeing as there was no word of it on the organisers website. I emailed them and have now had a response:
Your 2010 ticket will indeed be redeemable at the 2011 event – provisional dates 26th November – 4th December 2011.  If we can ask you to bring along your 2010 tickets to the event, you will then be able to swap these for a 2011 ticket on the door.
 This is great news so I will hopefully be able to go to this years event after missing out on it. I am printing out the email to keep with my tickets for when I go though!

01 January 2011

Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year to everyone. Here is hoping that this year will improve on last year and allow me to get out more for trips on the bike! As a new year surprise for those wanting the new Kawasaki ZX10R, Kawasaki UK have released a news item on their site which explains why the bike was 'recalled' before it was even released in many countries. It turns out the intake valve spring was surging under certain conditions. In this instance if you were running under high RPM on a race track.

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