30 April 2008

BikeFest 2008

Found out about "BikeFest" being held at Donnington on June 7th (the day before my birthday!) so was thinking about going. Try and get up there on my bike, would be the longest single trip it has done if I do.

Actually looking at going out on the Kawasaki ER6F and the Suzuki SV650S with the BSM Ride-outs that are running, as both are bikes I am ultimately looking at getting in about a year and a bit. Would be great to have a go on them and see if they are comfortable on the roads for me.

Maybe see some of the people I chat too on-line there!

23 April 2008

Loads of riding

Well had a great day out riding today! Started out bad this morning with lashings of rain, but the day cleared up and I had a great afternoon. I say great, I had to go and have a filling replaced in one of my teeth, wearing a helmet with half a numb face is a weird experience.

Have done about 100 miles today, which is the largest single amount I have done, 47 miles of that in one go. Had a bit of a numb bum by the end of it! Great fun though and varied riding on backroads, trunk roads and motorways.

The only thing I need to remember is to take my summer gloves with me even if I am wearing my winter/waterproof ones. I forgot them and by the end of the ride my hands were boiling.

Here is a picture of the bike in the sun :)

21 April 2008


Said I would do this ages ago, but finally got round to taking a few pictures of the bike and here they are!

In the rain

Noticed the price of petrol has gone up again, locally to 110.9p/l! As my car uses super unleaded (even more expensive) I am going to be using the bike more. Today it was raining and this would be only my second time in the wet, first with a decent rainfall. Actually it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. After donning the all the waterproof gear (although forgot the waterproof gloves!) it was quite pleasant. All that needed to be remembered was to take things a little slower, slow down earlier for manoeuvres and leave a larger gap to the vehicle in front.

All in all it was a reasonably pleasant ride it.

19 April 2008

Eversley to Hook

Short but a nice set of back roads, twisty and straight. Beware on the B3349 as there is a sharp turn at the Hook end!

17 April 2008

Bike back and running!

Got my bike back today, working well (OK running well for a GS500!). Not got much of a chance to take her out today, but been for a short blast around town and it felt great. Love the feeling of being back on a bike again. Not really sure what the problem is, the carbs were serviced and a new air filter fitted. Still I am glad to have her back in my grubby mitts again. Hopefully the weather tomorrow won't be as bad as it is forecast!

13 April 2008

A339/A31/A32/A272/B3046 1hr bike ride

This is a route that takes about an hour to do, went out on it as pillion with a mate, nice roads and what seemed like a biker friendly cafe at point 'C'. Didn't go in so not even sure if it is a cafe!

Still no sign of life

Well, it has been almost two weeks since the bike went in for fixing, however I still don't have it back. From the last communication the guys say the diagnostics are "inconclusive" at the moment. I really do hope they are able to get her running this week as I have it off work and gives me a chance to really get out and ride, building up experience that I have, as yet, not been able to get. That said it is giving me time to look at routes that I can take! If anyone knows of a good road/route around Basingstoke (don't say the Alton road, know that one :D) leave a comment!

Well until next week, unless I have it back earlier. Fingers crossed!

05 April 2008

Motorbike Crash's

Found this and end up watching it with a little bit of morbid fascination. The two that get me are the very last one, I have no idea what that person was trying to prove! Also the one where the second bike tries to overtake the other one turning left.

Thought I would share!

02 April 2008

To the professionals!

I have now run out of steam to get the old girl working (well she isn't that old!), to that end I have given her over to Just Motorcycles in Basingstoke to get her fixed and working again! I'll put up when she is back with me, I plan to be doing lots of riding week after next when I am off of work!